Landscaping Services El Cajon

Garden Design

Get the garden that you have always dreamed about. When you choose us we will walk through with you on exactly what garden will work for you and your home. Handpick your flowers, shrubs, or even trees to make your house look the way you always wanted it to.

Sprinkler Systems

Learn about how our sprinkler systems will keep your lawn and garden hydrated every day of the week using our tools:

  • Water Timers

  • Digital Water Timers

  • Snip and Spray Sprinklers

Tree Trimming

Safety should a huge priority when it comes to your home! Any kind of large tree in your yard can be a danger to your house. The heavier branches can break from the top and cause major damage, learn how we can help prevent this to keep your home and the people around it safe.

Commercial Landscaping

We provide commercial landsacping services as well. We can build you a new landscape design for your office building of for the front of your shop! Commercial Landscaping includes building gardens, installing flower boxes, installing sprinklers, or any landscaping mainetenance.


Irrigation systems are a key part of your residential or commercial landscape design, without proper irrigation, your landscape can become overflowed and overwatered eventually causing more damage than you could expect.

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