Keeping Your Soil Safe in Autumn

Updated: Nov 13, 2019

As temperatures become a lot colder, it’s time to think about how you can keep your soil from giving up during the autumn. Since there won’t be enough time to dedicate making the front yard look nice or growing as many plants and crops in your gardens as much as you’d like, here’s what’s recommended to do before winter arrives:

1. Raise fewer plants. As the soil won’t get to be as welcoming with plants as it would be in the summer, you’ll have to stick with selecting what you want to plant the most. If you’re raising crops (especially as a farmer relying on Irrigation), choose what crops you find the most important for the winter season.

2. Work on Lawn Maintenance now before the grass begins to dry up. While El Cajon isn’t prone to experiencing very harsh weather conditions in the winter (thus keeping any Front Yard safe in Residential), most states will need homeowners to do their lawn care right away, especially if temperatures drop severely. Use your sprinklers and close up your Landscape Design needs for the season when you’re done!

With these now covered, here is everything you need to know about with our services for our Sprinklers, Tree Trimming needs, and garden design!

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