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Whether you need to keep your plants in your Gardens or Front Yard watered, sprinklers will always come in handy if you select us. No longer do you need to rely on some cheap ones found at a clearance aisle. With our Landscaping Services, these sprinklers can keep a garden hydrated without requiring the need for relocating your sprinklers. They're also a lot more fitting for anyone that wants them to be kept within the plants than to be normally separated at all times. This additionally means that you won't need to move a big, heavy hose around your yard as you once would have; the struggles are now gone with these kinds of sprinklers to use:


Water Timers - These devices regularly work during a specific schedule that you would want them to perform their job with sprinkling water across the lawn. All you have to do is set up how long you want to have the device wait before the sunrise, and you can rest easy knowing that every plant is hydrated well without having to wake up and do any watering yourself. Once the sun rises, the timer begins to make its countdown before it starts to water the area. These are perfect for any people living in more residential areas that don't want to have to deal with getting up too early and watering their plants. Also included is a manual feature, and it's perfect for getting back control when you're done.

El Cajon Sprinkler Installation

Digital Water Timers - These are somewhat like the standard timers that were previously mentioned, but they include an LCD screen and function a lot more than other versions would. Considering how El Cajon tends to have a bit more to work with during the hotter summers, these kinds of sprinkling devices will perfectly do the job, even if they do require checking over maintenance from time to time.


To set up a digital water timer, you'll have to set up the date and time, and you also have to set up when you want your garden to be watered. This can either be during the weekend or every other day, be it 1, 2, or 3 days. You will then program the time and the duration of the sprinkling as well as the pause duration (irrigation has water for 5 minutes and a pause for 2 minutes; for Lawn Maintenance, a flat lawn is 4 min for water and 1 min for a pause while a more sloped lawn is 2 min for both). There are also options for rain delays and manual watering.


Snip & Spray Sprinkler - These better fit in your Landscape Design, and we especially recommend them as part of our Landscaping Services due to how well they hide from within a garden or a set of bushes. These are either close to the ground or are pillar-like sprayers that fan be easier to notice for anyone walking by the garden (usually to keep people from getting wet by mistake). Also very helpful with Lawn Maintenance so you're not always requiring moving around a cheap sprinkler with a hose that can be hard to move around with.

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